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my home is my Kassel

Welcome to the land of clocks, anchestors, informatics and worms


First I want to introduce myself . . .
My parents called me Andreas Rauhut. I'm living in the northern part of Hessen at Kassel
, but I`m feeling as a citizen of Europe or the world.
That`s perhaps because I`m married to a pretty nice normandy girl. Together we startet to create Europe by having two gentils daughters who are both french and german, I`ll say Europeen . . .
All the day long I try to give my best at
HENSCHEL Powertransmission Here you see the modernised form of the HENSCHEL star. This logo represents one of the leaders in transmission technologie: HENSCHEL Powertransmission, where I had been the IT-coordinator for a long time, than responsable for the MUTAX® worm gear section of our company and today I'm coordinating  the marketing activities.

A lot of my free time I still spend looking at themes about use of PC and networking
. This means, that I offer all my little experience to try out all the advantages of modern computing by creating web-sites and applications by the use of FORTRAN, VB6, HTML, PHP, mySQL as well as Joomla and typo3.

clock collection My very personal plaisure is to repair and collect old and older clocks. Starting with watches, passing by voyager clocks until grandfather clocks, I'm collecting all that I can find. But collecting isn't the most important thing. It's the fascination of mechanical details of all sort of timekeepers, which fixed my interest. So it's an event of a special manner, to listen to the new heartbeat of an old piece after a successful repair.

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